Play is built and run on a technology called WebVR. It is an experimental web standard that provides access to VR devices in your browser. You can learn more about WebVR at

What this means is, Play is automatically forward compatible with all current and future VR devices. The way you open a Play scene in your VR device is just like you open a Play scene anywhere else, simply open the Play URL in your web browser.

However, since WebVR is still experimental, not all browsers support it yet.

  • Mobile / Cardboard: If you are running Android or iOS, VR in Play should already just work. We recommend downloading the latest Google Chrome browser for the best experience.
  • Desktop / Vive / Oculus: Unfortunately, desktop browsers do not currently support the WebVR API. You would be required to download and install an experimental WebVR build. We recommend this Chromium WebVR Build.