Webinar 02

This is the recording of our second Webinar held online, on 5th Decmber 2016
Webinar 02 time stops:

  • min 0.00Intro, Core concepts and Guidelines
  • min 0.21 Importing assets, tips with geometry, texture, base interactions (small audio issues in this section)
  • min.1.03 Understanding the canvas and working with Camera and HTML overlays
  • min 1.17 Workflow with ReMake/ReCap
  • min 1.20 Workflow with Revit – Creating VR experiences
  • min 1.42 Workflow with Fusion
  • min 1.47 Connecting with Twitter Streams
  • min 1.49 Creating Galleries

Webinar02 Recording 12.05.2016

Presenters: Tatjana Dzambazova, Nop Jiarathanakul, Michael Staub

Webinar03 (advanced) Recording 12.15.2016

Presenters: Adam Chin, Dennis Martin, Michael Staub, Nop Jiarathanakul and Tatjana Dzambazova