Fusion files may consist of many parts which might be an overkill for Play. So, if your Fusion file has many parts, the first thing to do is to regroup the elements and reduce them to fewer number of parts, depending on which part you want colored or articulated in Play. But given that the the only file format to export from Fusion to Play is .STL and .STL as a file format does NOT contain color or material information, your exported Fusion model will have no colors or materials when used in Play. You can reapply colors and materials in Play, but to do that, you have to have access to all the parts that have different color/material, individually. Keep this in mind. We hope that we can soon integrated Fusion and Play seemlessly to make the workflow simpler. But at the moment, this is a workflow that works.

Watch the video below to see how to regroup elements in Fusion.

Prepare a Fusion file for use in Play

To get collocated parts, the user must always save as stl from the top part (Green), never the sub sections (RED), otherwise you run the risk of losing transforms from creating the assembly file . To export as one, simply leave on all parts and export (Green) . To export as parts, turn off all but the desired (Black) parts and again export from top as one file(Green)


Export a Fusion file to Play

Import to Play

Coming Soon! Remember, you can drag a whole folder in at once.