Play has plans to incorporate connectivity with many APIs. For now we will show you how to use a few easier ones.

Connecting with Twitter API’s

Twitter Node
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Connecting with Google API’s

Take a look at the Sample project ‘Weather Map’ to see just one simple example of what connecting to Google API’s might mean.

The two most important nodes to hook this up are the HTTP Get node and the JSON Parser node. (all caps of the JSON)


Once you have the URL that you need to make the request to, paste that into the HTTP Get’s Request.URL parameter


Then attach the HTTP’s Output.Response.Data pin to the JSON Parser’s Input.Json


Now the JSON should have all of the information parsed in it’s output!

If it does not have any information in it, hit save and refresh. If it still does not, then manually hit ‘Send’ on the HTTP’s Input.

Image of JSON after the two nodes are connected:


Here’s an image of what a final control graph could look like: