Add Backgrounds (2D & 3D) & Materials

A Play scene can have a:
- flat Background (that can have color, texture, image or video placed on it) or a
- 3D background (a sphere as example) on which one can again apply color, texture, image or a video).

In the following video, you will learn how to make both.

Creating a flat or spherical 3D background

Scaling and Tiling a material

For best results, only use materials that are sized in a power of two. (512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096). 4K is the maximum allowed size.

To scale a material create a node chain like this: node chain


Play has a suite of lighting options for an entire scene, as well as three types of lights. This table shows all of the options that you have to light the entire scene. You will find these options in the viewport settings, in the hierarchy.

Play Interactively with this, or read about them below:

List of built in lighting

Name Description of texture and environment image
Riverbank Nice outdoor lighting. A warm sunset on one side with a cool fill on the other. lighting
Contrast An indoor room with a few ceiling lights and a window. Very orange. lighting
Rim Highlights An empty grey studio with a ring of softboxes above lighting
Cool Light Two softboxes with a cool center light lighting
Warm Light Two softboxes with a warm center light lighting
Soft Light The default lighting; an indoor setup with two virtual softboxes on either side lighting
Grid Light Very similar to the default softlight, but more blurred softboxes lighting
Plaza Plaza has the brightest sun, extreme directional lighting. A warm outdoor setting of a sunset on a plaza lighting
Snow Field A cool snowfield diffused with low light. Very white. lighting

You can import a pre-made project showing these, by using the project ID 15042608 Follow this video

Types of Lights

The three lighting types are Spot, Directional, and Point. You can find them in the Node Library lighting If you use the light objects, it might be a good idea to turn down the exposure of the environmental lighting, so as not to over expose your scene.